2019. Meadows and oak groves near Caballar (Segovia, Spain). Photo: Cristina Bernis © AEEH

Año 2021

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Year 2021

The first Temporal exhibition of 2021 corresponds to Territories of life on the edge. Mediterranean Mountain Pastoral Commons in the XXI century. Pastoral commons of the Mediterranean mountains are pastures conserved, generation after generation, by local communities of herders, through a reasoned governance, implying a permanent negotiation and communitarian decision-making to assure a sustained use of the pasture year after year and an egalitarian access to all its members.

The Exhibition has been coordinated by Pablo Domínguez (CNRS, France) and developed with the contributions from 23 people from six countries (Spain, France, Morocco, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey), belonging to several research, cooperation, and media fields. The Exhibition includes both pictures and audiovidual materials.

The second Exhibition of 2021 has been published in June, Gibraltar and La Línea: a cross-border community in oral memory, prepared by Beatriz Díaz Martínez, an environmental biologist specialized in oral memory.