The impact of migration on mother/child health from a gender perspective


To evaluate maternal-infant health in the Spanish population and among the most numerous groups of immigrants, whose women have given birth in Spain. Four kinds of indicators are used to provide complementary data on maternal-infant health: growth and development indicators, nutritional health, reproductive health and sexual health. Morbidity indicators and indicators of the use of the health service.

Data sources:

Microdata from the INE on births between 1996 and 2008.

Birth register from La Paz Maternity Ward 1995 and 2007

Anonymously collected clinical histories after previously receiving permission from mothers and the Hospital’s Ethics Committee.

Population surveys given to 1800 women who gave birth in the hospital between 2006 and 2008


Research Team:

IP, Cristina Bernis;  P. Acevedo;  M. Carmenate; P. Montero; C. Prado; C. Varea (UAM)

A. Gonzalez (Maternidad de la Paz)

Entidad financiadora: Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales (2006-2008)