Herdsman pipes (wood, feather shaft, horn)

Herdsman pipes (wood, feather shaft, horn)
Herdsman pipes. Salamanca (España). Lydia Zarceño. 'Copyleft' Luis Á. Payno y Lydia Zarceño

Herdsman pipes (wood, feather shaft, horn)

Herdsman pipes, which receive the generic name of pipes, are musical instruments with a double reed, i.e. two flat reeds or other material opposite each other which vibrate when air passes through a crack in between.

The reeds are mounted on a tube called a tudel (lead pipe). The latter is mounted on the body of the instrument, a cylindrical piece of wood drilled through lengthways, with aseries of holes in it for playing the different notes.

The instrument is found all over the Iberian Peninsula, especially in the northern half, and its widespread popularity has led to a high degree of technological development and to the addition of quality wood and even keys to change the musical scale.

But together with these more elaborate models there are simple rustic ones made by the musicians themselves using materials from nearby.

To drill through the inside they use red-hot rods or reamers made from old metal plates or discarded tools, steel springs or old military bayonets filed to an appropriate shape.



Sound of  Herdsman pipes: click on black triangle