Fading commons (Turkey): Trailer ‘Hey goat!’

Fading commons (Turkey): Trailer ‘Hey goat!’
2014. Trailer ‘Hey Goat!’, Toros Mountains, Turkey. Photo: Eda Elif Tibet & ‘KARMAMOTION’

Fading commons (Turkey): Trailer ‘Hey goat!’


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Acknowledgements. We would like to thank the Gök family members (Sarikecili) and our Nature Culture project leader, Dr. Banu Aydinoglugil and team member Mithat Marul for their valuable support and guidance throughout the transhumance journey we have taken together at the Toros Mountains. We thank KARMAMOTION for documenting the story of the Gök Family and making it reachable to the wider public. We acknowledge the contribution done by Doga Foundation in Turkey and the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture and to MAVA Foundation for their financial support throughout this journey.

We would also like to thank Sedat Kiran, Hamza Agan, Casim Agan, all the Kejan tribe, and Kocer Association for sharing their journey and tradition with Gül Ertunan Karaaslan.

Text and composition by Eda Elif Tibet, Gül Ertunan Karaaslan, Büsra Sahin and Pablo Domínguez.