A tale of beauty and corruption (Montenegro): Freedom

A tale of beauty and corruption (Montenegro): Freedom
2020. Freedom, Sinja(je)vina (Montenegro). © ‘Wake Up Films’

A tale of beauty and corruption (Montenegro): Freedom

Local communities’ protection

Celebration was immense, and all protagonists felt a great surge of hope and enthusiasm when the news about the halt to the military training and reevaluation of the military plan arrived, but many Montenegrins feel this is yet a temporary reprieve and they insist that locals’ and activists’ initial demands be met:

a) That a decree law is issued, cancelling the previous one in 2019, which officially inaugurated the military training ground in Sinja(je)vina. They accept that the words of the Defense Minister alone, is excellent news and a valid declaration of intentions, but all of this will remain as wet paper if it does not become legally binding.

b) That a decree law is issued for the creation of a protected area designed and governed with the full participation of the local communities, as they with their traditional pastoral activity, are the main guarantors of these ecosystems and unique landscapes.


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