The voice of Napo Quechua women: a documentation project with midwives and their social networks




  • To establish an ethnolinguistic collection of audiovisual data about women’s health and other gender-related topics in Quechua communities in the province of Napo, Ecuador.
  • To provide training in techniques to empower women who take part and to support them in achieving their professional and economic objectives.
  • To produce a trilingual film about specific themes to give voice to Napo Quechua women and their narratives of the history of life.

Research Team:
IP: Anne Schwarz (IKIAM);  Katia Sidali (IKIAM); María Eugenia Tamariz (IKIAM); Patricia Bermúdez (FLACSO-Ecuador); Trisha Netsch López (Pittsburgh University); Cristina Bernis and Carlos Varea (UAM- Spain)
Financing: IKIAM, (Universidad Regional Amazónica), Ecuador